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Laboratory Adviser Introduction  
Sustainable Environment and Behavior Lab Fang-Jye Shiue Cultivate professionals for sustainable environment, use sustainability as the core value in the process of environmental development, and meet contemporary needs through planning. At the same time think about the development opportunities of future generations. The process of improving people's quality of life while maintaining ecological tolerance, looking to the future, understanding nature and social cycles, respecting and learning different perspectives, and building a fair, healthy and sustainable society under the constraints of environmental needs.  
Leisure and Landscape Planning Lab Wu-Chang Ho

Landscape planning, leisure and recreation management, sightseeing planning, public art, landscape engineering.


The purpose of this laboratory is to integrate the training of art, science and humanities, and guide students to understand, absorb and apply knowledge methods related to human, society and nature. Through the training of leisure landscape planning, learn about the speculative approaches and analytical methods in the field of sustainable environmental planning. Develop the ability to solve environmental problems derived from the spatial structure of leisure landscapes.
BIM Development Lab Jia-Ruey Chang

BIM refers to the technology of creating and maintaining digital information and engineering applications of facilities in the life cycle of buildings and infrastructure. BIM is a new technology, new method and new concept for simulating real projects in computer virtual space to assist various management and engineering operations in life cycle planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

This laboratory is aimed at promoting the information technology of construction and infrastructure, enhancing the research and development strength and talent training of information technology, and laying the foundation for graduate students to build, simulate, manage, and apply technologies in engineering information.

Sustainable Building Materials Lab Jia-Ruey Chang The laboratory conducts inspections and tests on building and construction-related materials, so as to understand the performance and engineering properties of materials, to realize the material development of sustainability, and to cooperate with the courses of "Green Materials" and "Ecological Engineering" to lay a solid foundation for the graduate students in our institute.  
Landscape Narrative and Design Studio Kelly Chien-hui Kuo

Landscape Narrative Research.

Community Empowerment and Space Design.

Contemporary Architectural and Cuftural Theory.

Environmental Art Design and Discourse.